Building Sustainable and Profitable Shared Mobility Services

TU-Automotive discovered there is optimism about shared mobility profitability, according to their “New Mobility” survey on technology, innovation, and business models. However, building a shared mobility business takes more than an app and a fleet of vehicles. It requires a critical balance of utilization-focused business approaches, exceptional customer experience, and well-managed operational costs.


Building a profitable shared mobility service


In this webinar, you will gain further insights into shared mobility in 2020 from the TU-Automotive team and Ridecell will share best practice case studies to help:

  • Guide investment prioritization for building sustainable shared mobility services.
  • Identify opportunities to combine multiple service types to prevent idle fleets.
  • Build a data practice to deliver a successful customer engagement strategy
  • Leverage third-party relationships to create a highly streamlined and efficient business.

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