Blu Smart Reinvents Mobility and Electrifies Streets of New Delhi

July 17th, 2019 | by Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing | Posted in: Insight on Things

Ridecell powers Blu Smart Ridesharing

In fighting Climate Change, electric shared mobility is where it’s at!

Climate change initiatives around the world are putting shared electric cars at the center of their strategy to lower carbon emissions and help halt global warming–See Zity in Madrid.

Emerging as a leader in the global fight against air pollution, India showed it was committed to climate actions and mandated that ride-sharing operators convert 40 percent of their fleet to electric by 2026.

Delhi-based ridehailing startup, Blu Smart Mobility, understands what’s at stake and was first to launch a fleet of all-electric cars in the streets of New Delhi.

In a competitive market, speed is of the essence.

To help deploy in record time its fleet of 70 all-electric cars in the streets of the capital, Blu Smart Mobility chose Ridecell.

Blu Smart Ridesharing

In under three months, Ridecell enabled the rapid rollout of Blu Smart’s ride-hailing service by offering a complete shared mobility platform, which includes a driver app, a cloud-based operational dashboard that controls vehicle assignment, ride pricing and other critical service parameters; and a rich API set that allowed Blu Smart to quickly offer a fully customized mobile app.

Our flexible platform complemented Blu Smart’s strategy to reinvent mobility with shared mobility and shared charing solutions, as well as innovations in payment systems. Ridecell engineers and launch team worked closely with the Blu Smart team to rapidly implement numerous local adaptations, including rider payment in local currency, and payment via the local, dominant e-wallet application. Other enhancements include vehicle assignments based on battery charge levels and charging stations proximity as well as automated calculation and invoicing of toll road fees.

Launched on the World Environment Day, Blu Smart ́s zero-emission fleet has the potential to save over 2,200 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions in the New Capital Region (New Delhi and surrounding areas) where the service is deployed. The equivalent to planting 10, 000 trees, the company said.

Blu Smart’s founders understands that economic gain and climate action can go hand-in-hand. And that access to affordable transport is key to economic growth. For this reason he’s building a service that offers multiple options of transport and does not implement surge pricing.

“With Blu Smart App the customer always gets the most affordable and most convenient way to get to their destination. Furthermore one of the key differentiators for Blu Smart is the driver friendly business model they have built, based on universal basic income.” explains Punit K Goyal, Cofounder, Blu Smart.

In sync with Blu Smart ́s push for pollution-free ridesharing, the growth of sustainable shared mobility is at the core of our mission. ¨Ridecell is excited to be working so closely with Blu Smart to bring this high-yield carbon-free service to India,” said Aarjav Trivedi, Ridecell CEO.

We are proud to be part of India’s effort to rethink the future of transportation and offer cleaner alternatives to its population, and we’re excited to continue joining forces with Blu Smart as it grows its fleet of clean cars beyond India’s capital city.

Author: Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Ridecell

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