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San Francisco, CA

Ridecell Inc. is the leading fleet automation and mobility platform provider for digital fleet transformation. Ridecell brings the only platform and solutions built specifically to automate the management and monetization of fleets. The Ridecell platform converts siloed data streams into real-time insights, takes advantage of keyless vehicle access and digital immobilizer control, and turns today’s manual fleet processes into automated workflows.

Ridecell powers some of the most successful fleets in cities across Europe and North America. These include services by Gig Car Share from AAA, and KINTO mobility services by Toyota Sweden. Ridecell teams are operating globally out of offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, and Pune India.

This is a 3-6 month project where you will drive the migration from Sketch to Figma. This will be a large migration of a white label system.  


• Comfortability lead a complex migration from Sketch to Figma. This will be day in and day out.  

• Keep members of the design team updated and in the loop. This persons design abilities/knowledge will benefit the team and enhance their knowledge.

• Once this migration is completed there will be opportunities to support a variety of aspects of the product/system such as – Web, Mobile, Platforms, etc.



• Strong knowledge and design abilities with Figma.


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