Senior Backend Engineer

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Pune, India

Ridecell Inc. is the leading IoT platform provider for digital fleet transformation. Ridecell brings the transformative power of IoT to mobility and logistic fleets with the only platform and solutions built specifically for fleets. Fleet IoT converts siloed data streams into real-time insights, takes advantage of digital vehicle control, and turns today’s manual processes into automated workflows.

Ridecell powers some of the most successful fleets in cities across Europe and North America. These include services by Ferrovial, Groupe Renault, Gig Car Share from AAA, and Toyota Sweden. Ridecell teams are operating globally out of offices in San Francisco, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, and Pune India.

Ridecell Engineering

  • Opportunity to work on IoT platform
  • Work with the best minds in the industry
  • Own and drive digital fleet transformation
  • Learn and grow

Things you will work on

  • Tuning and improving our RealTime mobility algorithm
  • Tuning, designing, and building our distributed Microservices
  • Optimizing database design to extract maximum throughput
  • Solving deep challenges with integration and optimization of systems under heavy load

What you can expect from us

  • Work with industry-standard tooling such as Kafka, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, AWS Cloud
  • Ship code frequently to customers - you will ship code to production in your first month
  • Work in an environment that rigorously follows best practices when it comes to backend development (unit testing, ci/cd, source control using Github)
  • Own your code from end to end of the software development process

We’d love to hear from you if you are

  • Proficient in writing clean, extendable, and maintainable code
  • Proficient in relational database systems
  • Proficient in back end development
  • Proficient in at least one mainstream programming language such as Python, Go, or Java
  • Strong with data structures and algorithms
  • Familiar with distributed systems or willing to learn
  • Familiar with Python and Django or willing to learn

Interview process

There will be at least two technical and two non-technical interview rounds. Our emphasis is on the logical flow and code architecture. You would be required to do a take home assignment either based on the existing codebase or write a code from scratch depending on the first round of interviews. The process could take up to ten working days to finish.

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