RideCell Ride Sharing

Demand-Response has too many manual and inefficient steps for getting a driver to a rider.
RideCell's Ride Sharing software automates requests, dispatch, scheduling, routing, notification and pairs world-class rider and driver apps with insightful analytics so you are constantly improving your operations.
Key Features
Automated Ride Requests
RideCell's rider mobile and web apps, as well as automated phone hotline make it easy to serve all your riders, regardless of how they want to request a ride.
Automated Dispatch
RideCell automatically handles all requests, significantly reducing manual effort for your dispatchers, saving them time and you money.
Intelligent Routing
Rider wait time is cut by 50% as requests are assigned to the most suitable driver based on location, current heading, capacity, and a customizable, best-match logic.
Real Time Vehicle Tracking
You and your riders know where all your vehicles are at any given moment. Location information is used to tell your riders exactly when their ride will arrive, reducing uncertainty for you and your customers
Powerful Analytics
Automated, error-free data entry allows us to provide you with powerful insights about your riders, drivers and routes while suggesting optimizations to improve ridership and fleet efficiency.
Convenient Alerts
Rider alerts ensure your customers always know the status of their requests ensuring there are no surprises.
How it Works
Step 1: Rider makes a request
Step 2: RideCell finds the most optimum driver
Step 3: Driver is routed efficiently along the best possible itinerary
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