Our platform enables some of the largest and most innovative public and private mobility services in the world. We've been providing the fundamental innovation behind the on-demand revolution - real time balancing of supply and demand to every significant transportation and mobility service in the world.
As the transportation moves towards autonomous services in a few years, we stand on the brink of a transport revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and connect with one another. Autonomous vehicles automate an important but solitary portion of the transportation workflow - driving the vehicle. Beyond solving that challenge, autonomous services demand a similar autonomous operational backend. We're now building an operating system that will automate the entire transportation workflow, end to end; from dispatch, routing and scheduling to balancing supply and demand, CRM and payments.
Along the way, we've built a team of incredibly talented and ambitious people who love to challenge the status quo and who think about the big things as much as the little things. We interact in-person, work in collaboration and love to walk and talk. We all agree that no task is beneath us and we work hard, but enjoy doing it.