RideCell Car Sharing

Car Sharing is a paradigm shift in traditional models of personal transportation and car ownership. Our mobility software platform and experience in launching mobility services enables you to launch your car sharing network in weeks, not years. Our proprietary "autonomous fleet operations"™ technology, automates business operations end-to-end from the consumer apps to the day to day fleet management, demand and supply analytics, marketing, CRM, and payments. The end-to-end automation translates into operational efficiencies that allow you to service more riders while delivering a superior customer experience.
Key Features
Complete Automation
RideCell's car sharing platform gives you the ability to manage every aspect of your service from one easy to use interface. Define service rules, onboard and manage your customers, suppliers, vehicles and staff. Each feature has been perfected based on our real world experience of managing live car sharing networks.
Instant Driver Verification
Make customer onboarding easy while protecting yourself. All customer information, including identity and driving records are instantly verified via the Driver App allowing your customers to immediately begin using your service.
Driver Apps
Your customers use a custom-branded app to sign up for and use your service. Each step of the process is automated and easy for you and your customers.
Fleet and Service Alerts
Your operations staff has real time information on vehicle location and status. Has a vehicle left a service area? Is a vehicle in need of gas, a charge or cleaning? Has a customer reported damage? RideCell's platform gives your team all the information needed to efficiently manage a fleet.
From normal usage fees, to special invoices for damage and other events, RideCell has thought of and can handle all billing needs associated with running a car sharing network.
How it Works